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Video from an Animal Kingdom Savannah View Room

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Video of Mama and Baby Ducks

Resort Category: Deluxe
Location: Animal Kingdom Park Area
Full Service Dining at Animal Kingdom Lodge:

At Kidani

Transportation Options: Bus
Room Size: Standard rooms fit four guests plus one under age three
Health Club: Yes
Club Level Offered: Yes: Kilimanjaro Club


Animal Kingdom is an incredibly unique resort.  You will feel like you checked into a luxe hotel in the middle of Africa when, as you walk down the hallway to your guest room, you catch sight of a giraffe right outside the window.  Animal Kingdom Lodge is a bit isolated, but more guest space is under construction right now, and soon the Lodge will be a little village all unto its own!

The Savannahs at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge house perhaps the most pampered wildlife anywhere!  The animals are cared for and happy, and there is no threat from those animals higher up in the food chain!  Guests can gaze on:

  • Ankole Cattle
  • Bongo
  • Blesbok
  • Eland
  • Grant's Gazelle
  • Grant's Zebra
  • Greater Kudu
  • Impala
  • Nyala
  • Reticulated Giraffe
  • Thomson's Gazelle
  • White-Bearded Wildebeast
  • Waterbuck
  • Abyssinan Grand Hornbill
  • African Spoonbill
  • East African Crowned Crane
  • Greater Flamingo
  • Marabou Stork
  • Ostrich
  • Eastern White Pelican
  • Ruppe's Griffon Vulture



If you decide this resort is THE resort for your vacation, the next decision you are faced with is what view/room type to reserve.  In my opinion, Savannah View is the way to go.  It was just a delight to walk out onto my balcony and observe giraffes and zebras enjoying their day right in front of me.  My children were fascinated, and we greatly enjoyed a feisty little bird that was frantically protecting her eggs, even to go as far as to get into a tiff with a huge cattle.  Later we found out the eggs weren't even fertilized!

  • Standard: View of parking lot or service areas; most inexpensive.
  • Pool View
  • Pool View with Bunk Beds
  • Deluxe Pool View: larger room
  • Savannah View
  • Arusha Savannah View
  • Deluxe Savannah View
  • Deluxe Savannah View with Bunk Beds
  • Club Level
  • Deluxe Club Level: larger room
  • Suites in various sizes
An additional option now exists with the Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas, which is a member of the Disney Vacation Club.  See this link for more information:

Disney Vacation Club Resorts



Just to the left is the main Savannah and Overlook.  This is actually the back of the hotel.

The Uzima pool was created to resemble an African watering hole.  The bottom of the pool is green instead of the traditional blue.  It is 11,000 square feet and there is a 67 foot water slide.  There is a children’s pool and two Jacuzzi pools.  The pool is the largest on Walt Disney World property.  Towels are available poolside, and there is a pool bar.  There are plenty of lounge chairs and tables, and children’s activities.  The pool is lined on one side by the Uzima Savannah, and there are viewing areas of flamingos and other animals.  The playground is nearby.

 It is a zero entry pool, meaning no steps at the entrance, you can slowly walk in.

The Pool Slide is 67 feet, and even if you aren't a kid, try it!

In the morning, ducks had a leisurely swim before guests invaded "their" pool.

Each evening, this firepit is lit and the rocking chairs hold guests as they settle in for a story by an African storyteller.  Our story was about a sneaky lion trying to escape a cage, and the story had a moral, of course!

Darned if I can't get many shots of the is tricky because it is dark!  The lobby is magnificent, with the only rival lobby being the Wilderness Lodge...the two should (and maybe already have) win design awards. 

There is colorful artwork, carvings, comfortable chairs, and a general feeling of luxury mixed with African culture in the lobby.

Disney's Magical Express Pick-up

Even the soda machines fit in at this resort...Disney magical touches are everywhere!







This is the view we had from our room

The rooms have either two Queen beds or a Queen bed and a set of bunk beds, depending on the type of room you reserve.

Guest room doors open to the interior

Hallway dresser

The double sinks are in the hallway outside of the bath area

Carved furniture lends authenticity to the guest rooms.