Castaway Club

The more you sail with Disney, the more benefits you receive!

Castaway Club

You’ve sailed once. Congratulations! You are officially members of Disney’s Castaway Club!  So what does that mean for you?

You get a special number to call: 1-800-951-3532.  You’ll get a personalized cruise tracking page, an eCompass online newsletterYou’ll be able to book pre reservation items earlier.  Each cruise, you’ll be given a lanyard upon check in, in a color that represents your level.  You’ll check in at a special line at port.  You’ll be given a gift, waiting for you in your stateroom, and you’ll recieve a small collectible token sent to your home after the cruise. 

  • Silver Level: after your first cruise
  • Gold Level: after your fifth cruise
  • Platinum: after your tenth cruise

For pre cruise reservations, you can book on the following days if you’ve paid for your cruise in full:

  • Silver: 90 days prior to sailing
  • Gold: 105 days prior to sailing
  • Platinum: 120 days prior to sailing

Your gift varies by level by type and color, but typically it is some type of tote bag or backpack, with fun items inside.  One gift per cabin is given.  Gifts sometimes vary by port. 

Gold and Platinum members get 10% off at most of the gift shops, along with special merchandise opportunities.  They receive early booking opportunities for new itineraries before the general public.  There are Castaway Club onboard reception parties with ship officers for voyages four nights or longer.

Platinum guests get to board the ship right after concierge guests, and also can choose from special treats onboard like truffles or special alcohol offerings.  They also receive a complimentary dinner at Palo.  Put in simple terms, Platinum cruisers are cool.

What happens when you are traveling with people that are different levels of Castaway Club? The rank your cabin is assigned is at the highest level of the cabin…so if one person is Gold and three others are Silver, your status as a cabin is Gold and you receive the benefits of a Gold member.  However, if you have more than one cabin, each cabin is treated separately, and the highest rank of each cabin is applied separately.  

After only one cruise, when you check in for your second, you'll get your very first Silver Lanyard!

Gifts change every so often
An example of gifts spotted before an Alaskan sailing (they receive backpacks, not totes)




A Platinum Level Gift!

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