DCL Cabins General Info

Choosing your cabin

This is an important decision!  Budget is obviously a factor, but space, location, and options are all things to be considered.  Generally, there are interior, oceanview, and verandah cabins.  Cabins are referred to as double, triple, or quad.  To see a list of cabins with photos, as well as deck plans, see the main Disney cruise link page HERE. Keep in mind, even babies are counted as a whole person, so if you have four people plus a baby, you have five people and CANNOT book a quad.  Just a side note…you may look at a deck plan and see your cabin choice sleeps four, and appears to be available, but won’t let you book it for four.  Why would that be? Sometimes Disney shuts out categories or voyages due to ratio of children to adults, or other factors, so just because it appears that a cabin will sleep four does not mean you can book it for four.  If something is blocked out, it will typically be quads.  Singles, or just one person in a cabin, will pay what is called a single supplement…roughly half the charge of what a second person would cost.  The first two people in a cabin pay full fare, the third, fourth, and fifth will be a reduced fare.  Besides the cruise fare itself, you’ll pay taxes and port charges.

Okay, so you know how many people you have. That will rule in or out certain cabins right there.  On the Wonder and the Magic, for a family of five you either have to get a family verandah cabin (category 4) that sleeps five, or get two cabins.  On the Dream and Fantasy, there are both oceanview and verandah cabins that sleep five. No interior cabins sleep more than four guests.  You can get connecting cabins, or get a verandah with an interior across from it if you choose to get two cabins.

The lowest category interiors (11) are the smallest (still larger than industry standards).  One category up (10) have what is called split bathrooms (one room with a tub/shower and sink, one with toilet and a sink) and are larger.  The categories just go up from there.  What do the letters after the numbers mean?  Typically it refers to location on the ship.  Various deck levels or aft, forward or midship locations all are factors in the price of the cabin.  Enlist the help of an expert, and consult a deck map (links HERE) or click

3.4 MB

2.0 MB

What is GTY?  That means Guarantee, and it means that you are letting Disney pick your cabin.  You are guaranteed a cabin in that category or better.  I’ve had great luck with GTY, getting many upgrades, but then again you could get not so lucky and end up directly over a nightclub.  You have no choice, and you will not be able to change your cabin assignment once Disney has picked your cabin.  They can assign a cabin number any time; I’ve seen them pop up anytime from right after final payment until two weeks before sailing.  They try to keep parties traveling together connecting or close but it is not guaranteed with a GTY cabin.

There are one bedroom, two bedroom, and Roy and Walt suites on the Wonder and Magic, and there are also family concierge staterooms on the Dream and Fantasy in addition to suites.  The Dream and Fantasy also have a concierge lounge, and those cabins are behind a locked gate.  There is no lounge on the Wonder and Magic, but concierge guests on those ships are directed to specific lounges and locations for receptions and special gatherings.

Port Side or Starboard?  I personally prefer Starboard but it is really a personal preference.  While Starboard is best for Castaway Cay, I greatly enjoyed Port side in the Mediterranean, especially when some of the locals would come out to greet the ship and perform.