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Cruising with Disney…Take a Dream Voyage with Mickey! 2009


Disney Cruise Line

Picture escaping the winter winds and snow, and beginning your day snorkeling with your children or grand children in crystal clear waters on a clean beach.  The kids get to build sandcastles and jump off ropes under the supervision of lifeguards, and later they can enjoy the children’s club right on the island, safe and separated from the ocean.

The adults escape to the Adult only beach, and relax on a hammock, while sipping ice cold cocktails brought to them by servers on the beach.  The teens have their own fun, on their own beach, supervised.  Feel like eating?  Wander over to the barbeque and fill your plate…it is all included in your cruise price!  And what is that other ship anchored by yours, the one with the spooky aura?  That is the Flying Dutchman from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and you can pose with Captain Jack with the Dutchman in the background!

The island I am writing of is Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island and very own heaven on earth. 

Later that afternoon, board your ship and relax with some appetizers from room service (included), and hang out on your balcony, perhaps reading a book.  Have dinner with wonderful, fresh food (included) and the kids can go to the kids club again (they won’t want to leave), the teens go to their club (they won’t want to leave), and the adults get to take in any number of awesome entertainment venues.  All included.

Why Cruise with Disney?


·        There is something for everyone:  Adult only areas, teen club, and kids club for different ages.

·        Movies shown that are currently in theaters…we saw Princess & the Frog at midnight the day it came out in theaters, onboard!

·        Soda is included.  On most cruise ships, soda is extra.  With Disney, at restaurants and at the soda station, it is free!  It only costs if you have it delivered with room service or at one of the bars.

·        Rotational dining.  Most cruise lines have you stay in the same restaurant nightly, while your food changes.  Disney lets you experience not only different foods but different restaurants…while your serving team follows you to each dining establishment.

·        Palo.  Gourmet, 18 and over restaurant that is just divine, and only $25 up charge per guest!  On longer cruises, there is also brunch and high tea offered at Palo. 

·        The children’s clubs are unsurpassed.  Extremely clean and health conscious, your children will experience activities such as dancing with Snow White, pirate training with Captain hook, computer time, pirate ship slide time, Flubber making, cooking lessons, and dozens of other activities. 

·        The cabins on Disney ships are 25% bigger than on other cruise lines, and you will notice the extra space!

·        Disney photographers everywhere, just waiting to catch your family in a Magical moment!  They are even stationed on Castaway Cay, and in some sightseeing destinations like the Coliseum in Rome!

·        Deck parties with characters, such as a Sailaway party, a Pirates IN the Caribbean party, and an actual fireworks show at sea!

·        On the Disney Dream (still under construction) Disney is employing innovative technology and creating virtual portholes for inside cabins, opening the cabin up to a simulated view of the outside.

·        Excursions are family friendly (although there are adult choices as well) and will cater to your children, including them in the wonderful experiences offered at ports around the world!

·        The Spa. I experienced the BEST spa treatment of my life onboard the Disney Wonder.

·        Alcohol.  Disney is the only cruise line that allows alcohol to be brought onboard and consumed while onboard.

·        Itineraries.  Each of the Bahamas and Caribbean cruises offer at least one stop on Castaway Cay.  The three and four day cruises on the Disney Wonder also offer stops in Nassau, Bahamas, while the Disney Magic stops at other Caribbean ports such as Grand Cayman and Cozumel.  The Disney Magic is also heading to Europe in April, and I am fortunate to be among the cruisers on an 11 day Mediterranean voyage this year, beginning with Barcelona with stops in Tunisia, Corsica, Malta, Villefranche, Rome, La Spezia and Naples.  Next year, the Disney Wonder heads to Alaska, and the Disney Dream will be housed at Port Canaveral with Caribbean itineraries.

·        Experience the legendary Disney service everywhere you turn, from your room steward leaving you towel animals to the Cast Members handing out hand sanitizing wipes.  You will find smiles and pleasant attitudes constantly, and you will have the feeling that the employees truly want to make your stay a Magical Experience.

I will admit that Disney cruise prices are higher than some other lines.  I understand if paying more is hard to wrap your mind around; however, it is money well spent.  You truly get what you pay for, and the extras you get that are included on a Disney cruise will make it clear where that extra money went.  I made the “mistake” of cruising Disney as my first cruise experience…so now, I am simply spoiled.  The boarding process is smooth, the perks for repeat cruisers are nice and immediate with the second voyage, and it is very, very clean onboard.  While I enjoy cruising every line, Disney keeps calling me back…which is why I chose Disney for my own Mediterranean voyage.  Once you go Disney, it is hard to go backJ.