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Many people mistakenly think that there is "Disney World" (actually Magic Kingdom) and then Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom are separate.  That is incorrect, and the following are the FOUR theme parks that are the pulse of Walt Disney World!

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EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tommorow.  There are two sections to Epcot:

  • Future World: the attractions are modern, high tech, and entertaining with an emphasis on learning and discovering.  Future World is home of Soarin, which is probably the most popular ride in all of Disney World, as well as the newly renovated Spaceship Earth (the big "golf ball").
  • World Showcase: Can you imagine being able to walk from England to Japan in the matter of minutes?  And yet you can, in World Showcase!  Tour the countries to experience culture, dining, shopping, and entertainment unique to each individual country.

The Magic Kingdom is the theme park that a lot of people mistakenly call "Disney World", but really, Magic Kingdom is the heart of Disney and symbolizes all the magic and joy right in the symbol of the park: Cinderella's Castle!

Magic Kingdom has several different "lands", with each land in a different theme.  People of all ages love the Magic Kingdom; kids love Dumbo and Peter Pan, adults love Splash Mountain and Space Mountain! 

Characters abound here, with magical sitings of beloved Disney characters in locations all over the park.  Keep an eye out for Captain Jack Sparrow (is it really Johnny Depp?  Who can tell?)

  This is the newest Disney theme park, and is "Nahtazu", or Not A Zoo!

There are animals, yes, and they are probably the most pampered and loved animals ever in captivity.  But there is much more.   The theme park shows animals in specially created environments to make them feel like they are "home", but situates the exhibits as such to immerse the guests in both animal life and theme park attractions.  Disney does an amazing job of blending the two seamlessly. 

Home of the newest coaster at Disney World, Expedition Everest, this theme park is exciting yet relaxed enough to entertain any age of guest.

Formerly MGM Studios, Disney's Hollywood Studios is the same movie-bases theme park everyone knows and loves, with even more exciting additions!  This park has several shows as well as two of the most exciting rides on property: Rock n Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith, and the Hollywood Tower of Terror.

This summer, Disney's Toy Story Mania ride opens, and is a carnival game type ride that will be fun for everyone!