Disneyland, in Anaheim, California, was where the theme park magic of Walt Disney was born.  Although Walt Disney World is much larger, there is a special feeling you'll have when you are inside the original park...nostalgic, magical. 

I'm often asked which I prefer between Walt Disney World and Disneyland, and here is my answer:  "I prefer Walt Disney World as a whole, because there is so much to do, but if I had to pick between the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland parks, I would choose Disneyland."  You'll know what I mean when you are standing in the theme park that really got the magic of Disney theme parks started.

Disneyland was purchased and built, but Walt simply didn't have the funding to buy the land around the park area.  As a result, there are dozens of hotels and chain restaurants just steps away from the Disneyland property.  Walt didn't have the opportunity to build a massive property like Walt Disney World eventually was built.  The feeling that gives is not quite as magical when you enter, because just outside there are places you see in everyday life, unlike when you are at Walt Disney World.  I highly recommend staying at a Disneyland resort whenever possible, because then you are much able to immerse yourself in the magic.

There are two theme parks and three resorts, and each has something special and unique to offer.  Although Disneyland usually isn't a week long vacation, it is worth a few days if you have a California vacation planned; don't make the mistake of just allocating one day.

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