Future World
Ride Height Requirements

Spaceship Earth

The "Golf Ball" is actually a ride called Spaceship Earth.  The renovations kept some of the old, much loved scenes but spiffied them up.  Be sure and pose pretty for the photograph at the beginning, there is a surprise at the end!

The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion

This pavilion is located to the right of the entrance, in Future World. 

You may get lucky and see Nemo with some Sea Creatures hanging out right in front of this display! 

Also be sure and check out the "Mine, Mine, Mine" display in front of The Seas with Nemo & Friends Clamshell ride!

In addition to that ride, you'll find Turtle Talk with Crush here, which is hands down one of the best "shows" on Disney World property.  Children, be prepared with questions to ask Crush!  You'll also find a Kidcot station: 
There are thousands of fish in the aquarium, and at certain times of the day you can also see Divers inside the tank that love to entertain their audience! 

There are many displays of fish life as well, so take some time to explore this pavilion.  The dining establishment Coral Reef is located here, and you can dine while watching the fish in the tank!

Imagination Pavilion

Here you'll find these attractions:

Captain EO

Journey into the Imagination with Figment
Here you'll board little train-like vehicles and are introduced to Figment, a lovable dinosaur intent on creating havoc on the experiment Dr. Nigel Channing is planning.  Little kids like this one a lot, but hold your nose in the smell room.

When you exit Journey, you'll find interactive play stations that will keep you interested for quite a while!

Wonder of Life Pavilion

This one is rarely open, so don't plan it into your itinerary!

Innoventions East & West

In the center of Future World you'll find two Innoventions Pavilions.  Each contain exhibits and hands on experiences that kids of all ages will really enjoy.  Many have to do with education, farming, art, and there is even a Segway testing area.  You could spend half a day in here, so if you don't want to do that, don't go in at all.

The Land Pavilion

One of the best rides at Disney World is located here, on the lower level of The Land.

The Land contains a large counter service food location on the lower level, as well as the restaurant Garden Grill, a revolving restaurant featuring character interaction.

On the upper level, you'll find the show Circle of Life.  Down the escalators there are two rides:

Soarin': this ride is amazing.  It is as if you are handgliding but in complete safety over the magnificent state of California.  It immerses you in the experience using wind, scents, and movement, and you should not miss this ride.  It has a 40" height requirement.

Living with the Land: this ride is a narrated boat ride through the growing areas of The Land.  You'll go through areas of fruits and veggies growing in sand, up on vines, basically any way you can come up with except soil.  You'll also see fish and alligators.  It is a peaceful and enjoyable ride that all ages will like.  If you have a chance, try to take the Behind the Seeds Tour, it gives you backstage access to some of the things you see on the ride and much more, and is one of the cheapest and best deals at Disney World.

There is also a Kidcot station here

Universe of Energy Pavilion

This ride takes about 45 minutes, so it isn't one you can just pop in and do unless you have the time blocked off.  Hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, the combination show/ride Ellen's Universe of Energy is great on a hot day.  It is a nice place to relax and unwind, and kids generally enjoy the scenery, especially the dinosaur section.

GM Test Track Pavilion 

GM Test Track the ride is located here.  Height requirement is 40".  You'll "test" a car over different terrains, conditions, and speeds, and love it!  When you exit the ride you'll get a chance to check out some of the newest and coolest vehicles on the market today.

Mission: Space Pavilion

Are you Green, or Orange?  That is the question.  Take a journey into space, but make sure you choose the right color for you.  Orange is the "spinning" version and hardcore...Green is the safe, non throwing-up version.  I always go Green but my kids prefer Orange:)