Pirate League

Transform yerself from a land lubber into a true buccaneer! Captain Jack Sparrow is looking for pirates of all ages to join the crew of the Black Pearl. Visit their "secret" recruiting center in the Magic Kingdom Park. Jack's crew has pillaged the East India Trading Company's office in Adventureland, loading it up with plundered booty to create The Pirates League, where you can get yerself a whole new identity complete with name, look and pirate portrait!


It's a Pirate's Life for You!

Ahoy, mateys! Begin your piratical transformation when you receive your Official Pirate Name as recorded from the leather-bound captain's log. Next, stop by the Muster Station and leave your old self behind as the Pirate Masters perform a marauder's makeover. Hear the ways of the scurvy sea dogs as they apply yer buccaneer beard, scars, earrings and eye patches. Or even be ye a boney pirate and wear your skeleton on yer skin!

Once you have fully transformed, enter the Secret Room where your Pirate Portrait is taken for posterity and the Pirate Masters reveal their hidden treasure.

But the fun is just beginning. With your new pirate identity and map case folder, hoist yer colors and embark on a challenge in Adventureland that will shiver yer timbers!