Universal Orlando
Universal Orland consists of two theme parks, three luxury hotels, one moderate hotel and one under construction, and a shopping and entertainment district.  Many people try to compare Disney and Universal, but you just can't...they are not alike.

What types of guests should consider Universal as either their main destination, or a few days onto a Disney vacation?

Universal is ideal for those with older children and teens, as well as adults.  Universal is a lot edgier than Disney, and the rides are much more extreme.  Despite a Suess area and a few other nods to little ones, there is not much for the toddler set to do.  The height requirements are much higher than at Disney.  It also doesn't have the Disney "magic", but it does offer quite a bit, and we love Universal.

A big plus to a Universal vacation?  Staying onsite will not only give you the ease and convenience of being right near the parks, but will also give you the ability to show your room key at most rides and skip almost all of the lines.  Even during busy times, if you are an onsite guest, you will never wait long for any ride or show!  This is a HUGE perk.

In addition, the rides are really great, with cutting edge technology and thrills. We have found the employees, while lacking the Disney sparkle, are very nice and helpful, and the hotels are extremely nice.